Hockey Quotes: WMU vs. ND 10/12/13

Head Coach Andy Murray

On Frank Slubowski’s performance:

“Frank was outstanding tonight. We had a good chat about this game in the dressing room afterwards, and we commend our opponents. They are a tremendous team with a lot of senior fire power. It was good to see Frank Slubowski playing like Frank Slubowski. The other eighteen skaters are going to be a lot better than they were this weekend. I like our room for improvement because we’ve got a lot of room. We didn’t play as well as we needed to. One of the reasons we were chasing this hockey game all night was because we took too many unnecessary penalties. You can’t do that against a very good team like Notre Dame, because you can’t generate your offense. I like the growth potential within this team. We have an opportunity to play Notre Dame if we make it the final of their tournament and I am sure they will see a different hockey team.”

On Notre Dame’s offense:

“They’re a very good team, and they play extremely hard. I’ve never every talked about us having young or unexperienced players, because those are just excuses. Well they are one day older today. We just have to get better, and continue to work at it. It’s not only our young players, but also our veteran players who need to elevate their game.”

On freshmen performance:

“I think we saw some improvement since last night from our younger players. We’re talking kind of casually right now, but on the inside your guts are ripped out. We play big boy hockey and it hurts a lot when you lose. I like the idea of going up to Alaska and getting to spend some time together. We’ve got a tough game on Friday against Alaska Anchorage. I thought we had some improvement from the young players.”

Senior Forward Chase Balisy

On tonight’s loss:

“It’s tough any time you lose a game. You go in to every game trying to win, and it’s frustrating when you lose.”

On his performance:

“One of their players and I have been getting in to it and he’s been matched up on me for the last two games. I guess after the whistle there some of the guys got going. I think we just have to get off to a better start.”

On the penalty kill:

“I think the penalty kill was solid tonight. When you have that many penalty kills guys start to wear down a little bit, and we just have to stay out of the box. We killed them down pretty well, and only had one power play goal. We have to keep working on getting better.”