KALAMAZOO, Mich. - Football recruiting web site Rivals.com works throughout the year to provide fans with up-to-date information on collegiate prospects.  Once National Signing Day is over, the site ranks every class in the nation based on a scoring system.  After the dust settled on the most recent recruiting season, Western Michigan was ranked No. 1 among its Mid-American Conference counterparts.

2008 Rivals.com Team Rankings 
1. WMU (T-65th overall)

2. Toledo (68th)
3. Kent State (76th)
4. Akron (80th)
5. Temple (82th)
6. Miami (84th)
7. EMU (85th)
8. Ohio (T-89th)
9. Ball State (T-101st)
10. CMU (T-107th)
11. Buffalo (T-110th)
12. Bowling Green (116th)
13. Northern Illinois (120th)

Western Michigan football produced the top-ranked recruiting class in the conference, according to Rivals.com, for the third time since the site began ranking recruiting classes in 2002.  It is the second outright top class in the MAC and first since 2002.  This is also the highest overall rank Western Michigan has enjoyed in the seven-year history of the rankings.

2008 - 1st (65th overall)
2007 - 5th (83rd)
2006 - T7th (T-104th)
2005 - T5th (T-87th)
2004 - T1st (T-73rd)
2003 - T7th (T-104th)
2002 - 1st (T-81th)

How does Rivals.com come up with these rankings?  According to the site - to help give a gauge of where a player stands on an update-to-update basis, a player will have a stock value of rising, steady or falling. Using the Player Stock, you can track the type of interest the recruit is getting from college programs and where his status stands in the eyes of the coaches recruiting them. The stock ranking is only one piece of the puzzle, though.

Probably the most important ranking will be the player's numerical and star ranking on a national level. Not only will the player be rated quantitatively, he'll also be ranked qualitatively. The top players at each position will be ranked at his position from one to 100 and also will be ranked with stars from five stars being the best to one star meaning not ranked.

Junior college prospects are not ranked with the high school players like they were in the old Rivals.com rankings. However, the junior college players are ranked numerically with the other junior college prospects in order from one to 50 at this point. They are also ranked by stars and do count in the team rankings – so teams that do recruit heavily on the junior college level will get rewarded for landing quality players just like they would with high school prospects.

Complete List of Team Rankings on Rivals.com

The Broncos welcomed 25 new signees into the family on National Signing Day, with two of them, Doug Wiggins and Ravelle Sadler, already enrolled in classes at Western Michigan.  The class consisted of 14 defensive players, 10 offensive and one special teams.  WMU signed four recruits from the state of Michigan (Freddie Bishop, John Potter, Jamie Simpson and Mitch Zajac).

The coaching staff is taking a couple of much-deserved days off before preparation for the 2008 season begins.  Spring practice opens on March 13 with the Annual Brown & Gold Game on April 12.