Buster Bronco
Buster Bronco
Position: Mascot
Alma Mater: Western Michigan
Graduating Year: 1988
Experience: 22 Years

Buster at Ball Park Photo Gallery
Buster at Movie Night Photo Gallery

2012 - Buster Goes Social

I was born in 1988. I am the world's biggest Bronco fan. Having cheered for the Broncos for more than 15 years, I have become a symbol of Bronco athletics. Throughout the year I make many community appearances at schools, hospitals, libraries, parades, and other kinds of fun events. When I do get a call to appear somewhere in the community, there is a small fee involved. These appearances fees help pay for my transportation and time at the events.

Everyone knows that I'm at as many Bronco home games, but sometimes I even get to travel with the Broncos which I like a lot! I also like to go to a lot of events in Kalamazoo and other places in my home state of Michigan. Anywhere I go, I try to get people excited about my favorite team, the Broncos!

I am not sanctioned by the NCAA, but I am considered a member of the cheer team. I guess that's because I get so excited when the Broncos are trying their hardest to win for you and me!

In 1998 I started the Bronco Kids Club, which is now called TEAM BRONCO. I think it's fun to see all of the kids at the games. I love every Bronco fan, but my favorite Bronco fans are the kids!

If you see me, be sure to wave to me and say "Hi!" I will wave back to you or do something to make you laugh. Be good!

Your friend,