Mission Statement
The mission of the Western Michigan University strength and conditioning program is to provide each student athlete with an opportunity to develop their physical abilities, through safe and objective training.  Through these means the strength and conditioning program will attempt to improve athletic performance and minimize injuries related to athletic competition. 

At Western Michigan University, each workout will be an organized and detailed plan, combining exercise selection with effective set and repetition schemes, to be coordinated with appropriate conditioning. These workouts will afford each athlete an opportunity to improve technique in all exercises, improve muscular strength, and improve conditioning without overtraining.

Name Title Sport Responsibilities
Dan Nichol Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Football
Tim Herrmann Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Olympic Sports (M/W Basketball, Hockey, M/W Tennis, Volleyball)

Kyle Skinner
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Baseball, Softball, M/W Soccer, Golf
Kellen McCrary
Graduate Assistant Gymnastics, Track & Field, Cross Country

USA Weightlifting
National Strength & Conditioning Association
Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association