Head Coach Andy Murray

Feelings about tonight’s game after loss last night

“I certainly feel a lot better tonight than I did last night. I feel really good for our team and in particular, our seniors. I liked our game in the last 40 minutes and to me it was the way that we played through the GLI and through most of January. We had lost that game and I felt that our game was very solid through the last 40 minutes tonight.”

Assertiveness of the team tonight

“I thought our team was better tonight than we were last night, let’s give Denver credit they are a feisty team and they play hard. Coach Montgomery does a nice job with them and I told him after the game that I thought he managed his bench really well here and you made matchups tough. He is missing a couple guys who are good players but they were obviously in it right until the end. I thought we were assertive particularly the last 40 minutes which is how are team usually plays.”

Thoughts on Chase’s game

“Senior night, he has his parents here and that was his first career hat trick. The way the puck bounced up to center ice and you look up and it is Chase going in on it and you couldn’t pick a better ending. The first thing that he said was that they waved to all the fans tonight but they did not say goodbye to our fans here at Lawson because that will happen in a couple weeks. We are a determined group and we are obviously playing a very good team, North Dakota, next week but we have battled all year to prove people wrong and we will try and continue to do that. I thought our other seniors were real good tonight. I thought Mike Cichy was real hard on the puck, Shane Berschbach certainly was involved in the goals and going to the net hard, and Dennis Brown teamed with Jordan Oesterle tonight was an effective puck mover for us and they managed the puck really well. The five minute kill in the 2nd period was obviously very important for us and then I thought the way that our power play handled the puck, we may not have scored but we had the puck for almost the full two minutes of our power plays after the 1st period. I thought that certainly played a role and it was nice to get a few power plays tonight to be honest with you.”

Thoughts on the grey line playing more minutes tonight

“Mike Rebry, Sam Mellor, and Mike Mckee, our grey unit there they were playing quite a few minutes together and of course with Josh Pitt being gone we were using them on our other line, our gold unit tonight too with Laporte and Hargrove. They all gave us good minutes tonight. Michael Rebry I thought this weekend was his best weekend as a Bronco and I would say the same for Mike Mckee. I thought tonight Sam Mellor had the kind of game that we have seen earlier in the season from him and that was effective for us.”


Thoughts on Lukas Hafner

”I thought Lukas was solid tonight and obviously he made the key saves when we needed him. He is a guy that can certainly help our defenseman move the puck. Frank Slubowski has really added that to his game as well and Sam Bloomberg, they have all been working on their puck handling skills with our coaches.”

Senior Forward Shane Berschbach

Attitude and feelings of tonight

“It was a special night with a lot of emotion from our team. We wanted to play for us four and we put it together and a huge win.”

Thoughts from seniors

“Thank you, we are real appreciative of everyone all around here at Western. Everyone from the administration and the school, it is a great place and we are just sad that it is coming to an end.”

Momentum going into final weekend

“It proves we can really beat anybody and we just have to take that mentality going into North Dakota next weekend. They are on a roll and we are looking to stop it.”

Home ice advantage and more games

“We definitely want it, our seniors want to play a couple more games in front of the Lunatics and all of the fans here, it is a pretty big thing at the top of our list.”

Thoughts on Chase’s game—hat trick

“It could not have happened to a better kid, he works his butt off on and off the ice. He is a great kid and does the right thing all the time and I am happy for him.”

Senior Forward Chase Balisy

Thoughts on what went through your mind on the third goal

“It was a pretty good feeling, I am not going to lie. My teammates worked hard all night and it is pretty nice for our seniors to go out on top with a win like that. The guys really worked hard out there and it was really special tonight.”

Heading into the final weekend against ND

“We have to just keep moving up the standings, we want home ice and like we said, we want two more games for the seniors here at home. We have to go to North Dakota next weekend and get a couple wins.”

Final two periods—how we play the game

“I think everyone kind of played for each other and we knew what was on the line. We can do some pretty special things when we all come together and play as a team and keep everything simple. When everyone is going out there working for the guy next to him it is pretty special.”

How the program has grown—the mood

“Ever since I have been here, when this team has been challenged we have risen to the occasion. It is the group of guys you have in the dressing room as well as the coaches and it just feeds down. The guys go out there and work and we put our hard hats on and we go out there and get a win and that is all that matters to the guys.”

Thoughts on the 5 minute major power play

“We knew it was going to be tough. We had three PK units going and we all did a great job and I don’t think they got anything set up too much in the zone. We all knew what happened last night when they scored the five minute and we knew we had to bear down and block shots. We had a lot of blocked shots on the PK.”