Stephen Payne
Height: 6'4"
Year: Senior
Hometown: Livonia, Mich.
High School: Livonia Franklin
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Payne Photos


  • Team captain
  • Went 9-7 in singles play, including a 3-2 record in dual matches
  • Posted a 19-18 record in doubles, including a 12-9 record in dual matches and a 9-6 mark playing in the No. 2 doubles position
  • Voted one half of the team's Doubles Team of the Year, along with Matt Hamilton
  • Teamed with Matt Hamilton to win MAC Doubles Team of the Week honors for Feb. 25


  • Given the Hap Sorensen Coaches' Award at the conclusion of the season
  • Recorded a 16-16 mark in doubles, including a team-best 14-9 mark in dual match doubles
  • Went undefeated with Andrew Cahn in No. 2 doubles, recording a 6-0 mark
  • Teamed with Nadin Indre to earn MAC Doubles Team of the Week honors for Jan. 29, 2014


  • Went 10-9 in singles play in his rookie season, including a 9-9 mark in fall tournaments
  • Finished with a 14-17 record in doubles play, including a 9-10 mark in dual matches and a 5-6 mark at No. 2 doubles
  • Won two of his three singles matches at the Northwestern Wildcat Invite, beating opponents from Toledo


  • Named All-State by the Michigan High School Tennis Coaches' Association in 2011-12
  • Recorded an impressive 108-15 record in high school singles play
  • Ranked as the ninth-best tennis recruit in the state of Michigan, and 40th in the Great Lakes region

Payne's Career Statistics

YEAR Singles Doubles Total
2012-13 10-9 14-17 24-26
2013-14 2-4 16-16 18-20
2014-15 9-7 19-18 28-25
2015-16 (Fall) 4-6 10-4 14-10
Totals 25-26 59-55 84-81