Tim McGarigle
Position: Assistant Coach - Linebackers
Alma Mater: Northwestern
Graduating Year: 2006
Phone: (269) 387-8634
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McGarigle Photos

Tim McGarigle became the linebackers coach at WMU prior to the 2012 season.  The Northwestern graduate added the title of run game coordinator in the spring of 2014.

McGarigle’s third season saw great success amongst his linebacker corp. DIII transfer Grant DePalma was plugged in at the middle linebacker spot and led the position in tackles in spite of having never played a game at the DI level prior to the season. Freshman Robert Spillane came on strong later on in the season and ended up starting eight games on the season and making 67 tackles. 

McGarigle came to Western Michigan as the college game's greatest tackler, holding the FBS career record at 545 total tackles during his time as a Northwestern Wildcat. He was semifinalist for both the Dick Butkus and Chuck Bednarik Awards in 2005, while earning All-Big Ten honors in 2004 and 2005.

The Chicago native was drafted in the seventh round of the 2006 NFL Draft by the St. Louis Rams and played three seasons.  During that time he was named NFL Special Teams Player of the Week against the Arizona Cardinals on Oct. 7, 2007 and was named the team's Iron Man following the 2007 off-season for superior achievement and dedication during team workouts.  McGarigle also played two seasons in the United Football League for the Florida Tuskers.

McGarigle (30/DOB: 10-25-83), a 2006 Northwestern graduate with a bachelors in communications studies, returned to his alma mater in 2011 and served as the defensive quality control assistant and graduate assistant for the Wildcats as he pursued his masters in sports administration.  He assisted in all phases of coaching the Northwestern linebackers as well as aided the special teams units.

He and his wife Charlotte reside in Kalamazoo and welcomed a daughter, Claire, in February of 2014.

Coach McGarigle's Coaching History
2011 Northwestern, Graduate Assistant
2012-13 Western Michigan, Linebackers Coach
2014- Western Michigan, Linebackers Coach & Run Game Coord.


WMU All-Conference Honorees under McGarigle
2012 Desmond Bozeman (LB), Third Team